Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clicking Thanks on a Daily Basis

One of my morning routines is clicking onto The Hunger Site which is linked to 5 other sites, where your donation/clicks are free; sponsors agree to donate for each click. I recently rediscovered PovertyFighters, a microfinance click site which includes inspiring stories telling how small loans hugely impact women in the developing world, so their hard work is more productive. I am happy to see it up and running again!
Over the years I've tried other click sites, but these are the ones that are streamlined enough to sustain my daily attention. Any other recommendations?
My cousin just sent me a crazy new click site - slightly addictive, FreeRice. It's a vocabulary test and each time your answer is right, you donate 8 grains of rice. Kind of the Milgrim psycho test in reverse. The words get harder. So far I haven't beat a score of 42, but if you do, let us know. It's impressive.


Anonymous said...

A friend of ours sent FreeRice to us a few days ago. I got 40. Our friend, the sender, says she got 200 and our daughter, who got the same thing sent from a friend of hers, says she got 500. No independent corroboration of these results was undertaken but I believe both of them so no corroboration is necessary. I'm just jealous.

Jazmin said...

I managed to get to a 43 and called that pretty good! It is silly addictive though. Likely not so good for my productivity. :)