Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My No-Disposable Vows

About a year or two ago, I decided I would simply not use disposable cups, plates, or silverware.  (So-called silverware, plastic forks et al) unless they could be washed and reused.  When I go to meetings and conferences, I bring a mug, my own silverware, et al.  Much of what I eat can just be consumed without utensils.  If I forget to bring a mug, I just don't drink anything.  I am able to stick to this personal practice pretty easily.  I see it as more than just a eco-habit and entering into a spiritual practice.
There are some situations which have proven to be too awkward in which to observe this prohibition, though.  When I am a guest at someone's house and they directly serve food to me on paper plates, I accept it.  Who wants to be the one at the birthday party to throw sand?  I have yet to have the nerve to directly confront someone and say, "Sorry, I don't eat on disposable plates.  In my book, they aren't kosher."  Maybe someday I'll get there, but not yet.  I suppose I could also take my bamboo plate to people's homes just in case the dreaded disposables appear on the table, but that does seem a little holier-than-thou.  And I would like to be invited back to people's houses!
Any one out there taken the pledge?  Just found a group online, called - cleverly - Refuse, the Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Sad enough, though - my google search for "pledge not to use disposables" also brought up Disposable Pledge wood polish.  Yuck!

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