Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Keen Rice Bag Shoes

My friend Mindy, also an artist and eco-activist, saw me in my funky shoes made of repurposed rice bags.  She thought they were a hoot, and was surprised  I hadn't posted them on my blog.  Here, Min.
The reason I didn't is that while they are upcycled rice bags, they are made in China, and I wasn't able to really verify anything about their eco-biography.  Hoping for the best, that they aren't made in a sweat shop, and that the rice bag collectors were paid fairly.  Of course there is lots of rice in China....  Let's hope they didn't ship the rice bags in from somewhere else.
Should you be interested in a pair, note they run very large.  Order a half size smaller than you would normally wear.  Keen's description:  the upper is crafted with reclaimed rice paper. Recycled polyurethane and cork create a naturally comfy footbed, rewarding your eco-friendly frame of mind. Please note, because of the unique nature of this product, each item is one of a kind.

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