Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cooking Coops featured in the NYTimes

Cooking Coops, groups of people who swap meals, have been around for awhile - they're wonderful ways to eat better quality food while building social capital.  You can read a lot of details about how they work in this article about them.  This describes four families swapping meals, each cooking a large quantity to feed 8 adults. That way you're covered for 3 nights in addition to your own.
It requires people with fairly compatible tastes and diets, who actually like to cook.  Not so easy to pull off, but worth trying, for sure.
In our crunchy community here in Mt. Airy, four households I know have a different version of this, Soup Group.  They meet once a week; the host family provides a seasonally appropriate soup + bread + salad, a nice casual peasant-style meal.  They now all have children, so the four families have become de facto extended family for one another.  Don't know if baby boomers, with all our travels and dietary restrictions, are on board with this.  Seems like more of a 30's phenomenon, when people settle in with mates and children.
Here is a book mentioned in the article, Dinner at Your Door.

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