Monday, May 31, 2010

Decanter Crud Meets Collective Wisdom

We have a few beautiful glass wine decanters. Coincidentally, two of them were drained to empty about the same time and both had a lot of wine debris left in the bottom. I remembered that the last time this happened, I found some creative, simple solution but couldn't recall if it had been vinegar, bleach, or some other magic potion, none of which worked this time around.

Obviously it was time for Google.
Reading a number of suggestions, the one which seemed easiest was to drop a denture cleaner tablet like Polident into the decanter along with some hot water and let it sit a bit. I liked the idea that this cleaner was clearly safe for ingesting. We tried it and voila! Within an hour the debris was all floating.
I never tire if the miracle of the internet, where we all share knowledge. This isn't up there with delivering a baby or building a windmill for power to a village in Africa, but it worked!

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