Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mushroom Pate: Okay, It's Mock Chopped Liver

A friend just asked for this recipe, so why not share it with the whole world? I call it mushroom pate, but it's also known as mock-chopped liver. I never served chopped liver, however, so my kids have no idea that this is mock-anything. It's real mushroom pate. We live in Pennsylvania, where localized food is hard to come by this time of year. A huge percent of the country's mushrooms come from Kennett Square, right near here, so in addition to being vegetarian, it's local.

Mushroom Pate/Mock Chop Liver
Olive oil
1 lb. sliced mushrooms
1 hard-boiled egg (you can crack open the egg, pour it into a greased dish, and microwave it, but be sure to pierce the yolk and white so it doesn't explode.)
1 to 2 large medium onions, sliced
generous handful of walnuts
chopped parsley or dill, to taste
additional spice - this is bland, so do your thing. I like tarragon.

- In a large fry pan, saute sliced onions and mushrooms in a little oil, stirring occasionally. Since the vegetables give off a lot of moisture, you don't need much oil.
- Chop the walnuts in a food processor. Add all the other ingredients and puree. This makes about 2 cups.

This can be served as a dip for crackers and crudites, or as a single portion appetizer course on lettuce with crackers and vegetables.

Photo by Istockphoto.


Anonymous said...

Dear Co-op board candidate,
This recipe sounds really good to me. Question: since you puree it in the food processor, is it fair to say that the photo of the pile of sliced mushrooms is not what this looks like? It looks chopped liver, I'm assuming?
Thanks for sharing these (the mushroom barley soup too!).

Betsy Teutsch said...

Yup, this is what the mushrooms look like *before* you put them in the food processor. A bowl of mushroom pate looks pretty much like... chopped liver. Not very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

You make a good point. I wouldn't mind if you'd add a little bubble over the photo that says, "So what am I, chopped liver?" But you don't have to do that. The recipe's still good either way.