Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Deluxe Scrabble Set: A Luxury which is Worth It!

One question we frugal affluent types are always asking is "What is worth spending extra money on?" For each person the answer is different, but the question and decision making is the same. No point in wasting money, even if you could afford the hit.
Our Scrabble game goes back 34 years. We always enjoyed playing as a couple, and introduced it to our kids when they were old enough - it made for good family time. We also played lots with my in-laws when they visited, since they were NOT sit-around-and-chill types. At some point I decided to splurge on a deluxe Scrabble set - it comes with a grid, so the letters stay in place when you move the board, and swivels. It has some other jazz thrown in which is not worth paying more for, but the grid and swivel features are great. This was totally worth the extra few dollars - I think they're around $35. While it did not improve my Scrabble game, it does lower the hassle factors when you're playing.

I put the old set on the shelf, since this was before Freecycle. (Now I can't wait to get online to give duplicates away.) It was missing two tiles, and my son's set in DC is missing one tile. I just spent $2.15 to order the three missing tiles from an Ebay vendor who, believe it or not, sells individual scrabble tiles. Wonders never cease!


VixenOnABudget said...

I'm a total sucker for Scrabble too.

Anonymous said...

You can play scrabulous on Facebook... : )

Unknown said...

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