Monday, October 29, 2007

The Wonders of Freecycle

The last time I did a Freecycle Rave was when someone came by to haul away my 50-year-old Compton's Pictured Encylopedia which I had posted on my local Freecycle. I am back at cleaning out Monster House. One of the downsides of a huge house is that you never are forced to get rid of anything, because there is so much storage space. True story: many graduate students have stored boxes and furniture here when studying abroad. One year we had two of them and in order not to mix their stuff up, I opened a door in the basement which I had never paid any attention to, and it was an empty closet - surprise!
Today I worked on a 3rd floor storage closet with dormer windows and and built in cedar closets from an earlier era. One thing stashed up there was a bag of upholstery batting. I had to think hard to recall what it was from, and then I remembered it was left over from upholstering our dining room chairs, circa 1986.
I posted it on freecycle today, on the very remote chance there is a person among the 1500 in our group that even knows what upholstering is.
Wouldn't you know it? Upholstery Lady is coming tomorrow to pick it up. She is happy to have it.
Like I said, the wonders of Freecycle.

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