Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seven Continents - Seven Marathons - Seven Charities!

Every so often I read about a person doing something so extraordinary that I make an impulse donation - an impulse purchase in reverse. I read about Erin Sprague '05 in Harvard Magazine. She is an investment banker with a most unusual side interest - running marathons, one in each continent. Her goal is to be the youngest women to ever do this, and she is well on her way. The money she raises goes to a non-profit in the continent where she runs, deserving local charities that are not high-profile:

  1. Australia: Silver Lining Foundation, supporting Aboriginal advancement
  2. Asia: the Polaris Project, which combats human trafficking
  3. Africa: Kenya Netork for Women with AIDS
  4. Antarcita (yes, there is a marathon on Anartica): Antarctic and Souther Ocean Coalition
  5. South America: A Drop in the Ocean, helping South America's poorest
  6. Europe: Co-operation Ireland and
  7. North America: Girls on the Run, which promotes running to develop women's esteem.
I think it's a very interesting list of groups to support, and Erin is a fabulous role model. She is using her brains to make a lot of money, but her soul to support causes around the world, reaching out beyond her athleticism to be an idealist, ambassador and philanthropist. Quite a lot of a 24 year old. Read about her organization, In The Running, and maybe donate. It's a fun site. To look at the pics, you click on running shoelaces!

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