Monday, June 18, 2007

Dancin' at the Carnival of Frugality

MoneyChangesThings is a multi-genre blog - so I've been looking around the blogosphere for blog-cousins, bloggers whose focus overlaps some of my interests. I intersect with the frugal crowd, though my focus is more on not wasting and sharing than on saving, but it adds up to the same thing. This week my post Thou Shalt Not Waste a Wedding Gown is featured in the this week's top 20 Carnival of Frugality, so check it out. The posts show such a wide swath of what bloggers write about - quite amazing, really.
I especially loved My Money and My Life's post on ways to contribute to the welfare of others on a low budget. Very inspiring! And habits worth cultivating no matter what your net worth, really. Like clicking every morning at The Hunger Site!

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