Monday, April 16, 2007

Little Pink Slips is in the Stores!

Readers, I purchased a hardcover book RETAIL. This is highly irregular for me on two accounts - obviously hardcovers are pricier, and I almost always buy books used. The event that occasioned this is the publication of a very exciting novel: my sister's!! I wanted to make sure my purchase registered loudly on the Amazon meter.
Sally has had a great run in the magazine business, and this book is an insider's view of the glam and stress of it all, the central theme being the deposing of the editor, Magnolia Gold, by a blowzy, obnoxious but tender-hearted celeb. Who could that be?
The novel was reviewed Friday in the Wall Street Journal and this morning in the NYT (!), but my favorite so far is a reader review on Amazon:

Absolutely delicious, April 16, 2007
Reviewer:Jamie Samons (Providence, RI) - See all my reviews
I devoured this book as if it were a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. For me, it was a master class in writing hip, funny, smart prose---and absolutely delectable from the first word to the last. The protagonaist and her posse are just the type of women you want to have as your friends, and even the she-villian has moments of true-likability. Warning: potions of this book are "snort-diet-coke-through-your-nose" funny.

I had a unique, if modest, role as one of Sally's early readers. My self-appointed task was circling any brand/designer reference used as a noun, where I had no clue what the item was. (Jimmy Choos and that sort of thing.) Believe me, this book does not say "My Birkenstocks were drop dead right for the occasion," or "I was chomping at the bit to get into the LandsEnd Sample sale."

Publishing a novel is a huge achievement, and I salute my sister! Great fun and great job, Sally!

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