Friday, March 9, 2007

The Perfect Pen: Little Luxury of the Week

I rarely purchase pens. I rely on the kindness of hotels. Recently a Papermate Medium Point stick ballpoint pen migrated into our house and it flows very well, with minimal pressure. I noticed that I liked using it, and soon favored it. Earlier this week I couldn't find it, and watched myself as I wandered from kitchen to office in its hot pursuit, passing up lots of other pens in the process. After I located it, I went on line to buy them. Life is too short to obsess about a ballpoint pen. As it happened, they were $.99 - for a dozen!
[Environmentally it would be better to buy ballpoints that take refills, but I've not found one I like.] I think of this as a problem-solver purchase, enhancing efficiency as well quality of life. It's not every day that you can do this for $.99, however.

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