Friday, March 23, 2007

The Jacket Arrives!

Spring, and my new handwoven jacket, have both arrived. The weaver/artist is Pat Palson. I am in love with her artistry. I wondered if I might have buyer's remorse when it finally arrived, but I just keep looking at it, in awe of her work.
It's hard for a photograph to do it justice but the wonderful color palette does come across, as well as the general style which is slightly tailored but not uptight. The cuffs have black stripes, a slightly whimsical touch. The jacket has two toggle asymmetrical closures, also offsetting its more formal style and making it more fun.
The fabric is silk, merino wool, and rayon with a wonderful drape and feel.
I can explain this purchase in all kinds of socially responsible ways - it is an investment in something I will wear for years, it's supporting American crafts and handmade products, it simplifies my life because I will probably wear it all the time, yada yada yada, but let me call it what it is - a huge extravagance.
The rabbis teach that if you do something once, not a big deal. If you do it twice, you're getting into a pattern. If you do it three times, it's now part of your routine. They were talking about sinning, but actually the observation applies to a lot of our behavior. The first time one does something extravagant, it's a splurge. The second time it's familiar. By the third time, it's your lifestyle and what was an extravagant luxury is now normalized. Somehow I don't think I am going to make purchases like this a regular practice.

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