Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great Sock Tip! Buy Wyoming Wear!

When my disposable income increased significantly, I began experimenting. How could I spend it in ways that improve my life? I gave myself permission to buy the more expensive version of things, to test if it made a difference - to me, that is. I am not drawn to $500 pocket books or designer lingerie. I enjoy practical things.

One experiment was with socks. Are the $7.00 a pair better than the six-pairs-in-a-bag which I had always been fine with? The surprising answer was - YES! It is a small outlay, even if you go with Cadillac socks, and they fit better and feel better. And when you keep your thermostat down to 63 like we do, warmer makes a big difference, too.

Last year I discovered microfleece socks. I noticed that whenever I did my laundry*, they were always the first socks I picked, since they are soft and warm. So I bought a whole bunch. However, they are quite dorky. Most of mine are faux-tie die. Even in solid colors they look like modified slippers.

This year I discovered Wyoming Wear socks, which are microfiber on the inside, but black nylon-ish material on the outside, so you can wear them and look normal. The website says they are "
High wicking and breathable Polartec® 200 PowerStretch with knit cuff." They cost $9.95, at a favorite website. If you look at the picture above, you can see that they look like black socks, and that is the whole point!

Needless to say, I am not being paid by Wyoming Wear to blog about their product. (But if they find this blog entry, I'd be happy for them to send me some for free!) To me it is a great example of a little luxury. I didn't rush into this. I waited several weeks to make the big decision to buy three more pairs. Now I can wear them any time I want, not just once a laundry cycle. That is luxury!

Anyone out there have a favorite Little Luxury to share? Or the opposite, something you splurged on and was totally not worth it?

* you may notice I do my own laundry. That doesn't really fit the image of an affluent person, does it?

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