Monday, January 22, 2007

New York Times: Great News for Addicted Academics

Since leaving New York 20 years ago, I have always missed the NYTimes. We subscribe on Sunday, but I missed the daily experience. When the NYTimes went online, I dutifully checked it out, but I still much prefer the feeling of the newspaper spread out before me, coffee and muffin at hand, greeting a new day.
Over the years we have taken The NYTimes up on their offers to send us 8 weeks of the daily for free. I always felt conflicted. I love so many features in real time - the Op Ed page, Metropolitan Diary, the Tuesday Science Section, and - at least until Wednesdays! - the crossword puzzles. On the other hand, it consumes a lot of newsprint, and so much of the paper is inevitably unread.
This year between the deterioration of our local newspaper, having a little more time to devote to reading, and disposable income, I opted to subscribe to the daily NYTimes again, considering it one of those luxuries that makes enough difference in my life to be worth it. I also see it as an example of good citizenship. The numbers of daily newspaper purchasers continues to plummet, and if people like I who can afford it do not step forward, great newspapers will soon be history.

I had shaken hands with the $500+ annual fees, and then N brought something amazing to my attention: professors can get a huge (60%) discount on the daily NYTimes! So now, I can have my cake and eat it too. It does seem like adding another privilege to the already privileged, but....

It turns out to be true. I cannot find any link, but if you are a professor, call the NYTimes (800-698-4637 / 1-800-NYTIMES) and ask for the educational discount. It took a fair amount of jockeying through the usual phone trees et al, but seems easily arranged once you get the right person on the line. Thanks for N's mother B for this!! B is legendary for finding good deals. Not surprisingly, she is married to an economist!

I am curious about their rationale, but not arguing! Happy to pass this on to any who qualify.

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