Thursday, December 21, 2006

You've got money!

This blog will muse about creative and wise uses of money. It's not about investing in stocks, bonds, or equities; it's not about diamonds, fancy cars, or second homes. There's lots of advice about that in the world. This is for people who, to their surprise, have more money than they need for "enough" and must choose what to do with a surplus. Perhaps you you have accumulated wealth from living beneath your means and investing. Or maybe you have experienced a windfall through an inheritance, real estate appreciation, or business success. What do you do with it? There is a taboo about talking about the experience of money in our society; we are not open about discussing what money is really for. Mostly we just hear, discuss, or observe what people buy. Let's go deeper and think about how to use money to improve our quality of life, not just our standard of living.

This blog explores money as a way to invest in relationships, health, lowered anxiety, simple pleasures, community, personal growth, self-education, helping others, cultivating a generous spirit, and more broadly, working to improve our world - the proven paths to feeling good and finding meaning in life.What is the best return on money you've spent, that you'd like to share?

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