Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wrapped Paper Cups in Hotel Rooms: Dumbest Idea Ever!

There is war, famine, injustice - big things to protest.  And then there are plastic-wrapped paper cups in hotel rooms.  Small in comparison, but they are hugely wasteful, and drive me crazy.  Especially the one I recently noticed, which is an ecotainer designer cup for Wolfgang Puck Coffee.  Compostable, even.  What kind of idiot has the idea to put it in a plastic bag?
The product page promotes this as a sterile option.  Since when are unwrapped never-used paper cups not safe?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, paper cups in hotels are wrapped. That way you know they are unused. If you saw an unwrapped paper cup in your hotel room, how do you know it wasn't used by the previous tenet? Maybe he did a urinalysis and used the cup to catch the urine? And left the cup on the counter? Think that's not possible? The cleaning personnel always clean properly? I've found food in my hotel room several times, left by a previous tenent.