Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love Those Candles - Actually LED Flameless Pillars

This is a 9-piece LED Flamess set, three of which are lithium battery operated, and six of which are  AA batteries

How long have these been around?  I love candles but rarely buy or use them because:

  • 1) they leave big waxy messes on tablecloths or tables
  • 2) there is always a hazard of fire and
  • 3) paraffin is a petroleum product, and inefficient at that

Recently our our hostess, Ann, was lighting  lovely pillar candles on her buffet, by flipping a switch on the bottom.  They flicker, they give off a nice vanilla fragrance, but since they are LEDs, no heat.  No danger of fire.  And they, like the Burning Bush, are never consumed.  She did mention that they require expensive batteries.
An online search brought up some lovely ones which run on AA batteries.  Above is a set which has 3 batteries which require lithium batteries (the expensive ones Ann was referencing), but six which run on AA batteries, readily available as rechargeables.  Further research shows other varieties and features.  These come with a hilarious remote.  At first I thought this was ridiculous, but after turning nine candles off manually, I get it.  Another set is available with a timer which automatically turns the candles off after 5 hours.
Lastly I found a set of a dozen tea-lights which come with their own recharger.  These are all remarkably traditional looking - beautiful, flickery, gentle candle light.  Our guests were surprised to learn they were not the real thing.
In a light-polluted world, are these a guilty pleasure?  If they replace conventional candles, there is less waste.  If they just add to the world's pile of cheap electronic junk, don't buy them.  I have been using and enjoying mine - they are beautiful just to look at, and when illuminated cast a lovely glow at the dining room table, serving as an artful centerpiece.

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