Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bring Back the Clean Plate Club: LEFTOVERS!

Thanksgiving leftovers labels

The Art of Leftovers
If you’re someone in the habit of stashing lots of leftovers in the freezer, assign a weekly No Cooking Night and eat them.  My mom called this Review.  The plan is to take all the little dribs and drabs and serve them.  (This is in addition to a No Buy Week.  You’ll really be on a roll.)
Store leftovers in clear containers.  Weavers Way sells pyrex sets with matching covers.  I know from experience that putting leftovers in random opaque containers effectively camouflages the food, guaranteeing it will spoil.
Try not to automatically deposit leftovers in the fridge.  Instead, pack them up to take to work for lunch or put a label on them and freeze them.  One of my pre-Passover adventures is thawing random unmarked containers.  Labeling always seems like a lot of work at the time, but it beats the alternative of stocking your freezer with mystery items that you are very unlikely to find useful or appealing.  Sometimes I need to thaw these packets just to identify them. 
Of course there is no such thing as a zero waste house.  Start composting, find a neighbor who composts, or hire a pick-up service like  They you will truly being doing your part to close the waste loop, making the best use of both your dollars and the earth’s resources.  Bon appétit!

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Anonymous said...

I have a great rotation system going with soup. I cook a different soup each week and put half in the freezer immediately. Then later in the week when the fridge is bare I take out and eat the soup from the previous week. Works brilliantly for me!