Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hemp Bathroom Rug - Child Labor Free!

When we start shopping for an item I try to remember to search for the most sustainable option.  Often such searches come up empty, but at least I have  taken myself through the motions.  We decided we needed bigger bathroom rugs - those tile floors get really cold in the winter.  What is acrylic fiber?  You guessed it - plastic, basically. As is nylon.
Cotton is a natural material often used for rugs, but unless it's organic cotton, it's not environmentally friendly since growing it consumes immense amounts of water and pesticides.  Googling "natural material rugs" didn't glean much, but going more specific, there were a lot of hemp rugs.  Hemp grows with very little water or inputs, so its eco-footprint is nicely petite.  Safavieh has a whole line, Organica, which are hand-made hemp rugs in all different colors and sizes, so we went with those.
Can't say the rug much resembles the online pictures, but hey.  It's for a bathroom floor and it's fine.  What I did love was the label on the back.  Child Labor Not Used.  What a nice feeling to know that!

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Hemp Bags said...

Hemp is a great resource hopefully over time it will be possible to produce it in the US. Until then we will have to rely on producers overseas unfortunately adding to the cost of this great resource