Monday, November 22, 2010

My Pure & Co Sweater Wrap: The Back Story

Shopping with my daughter this summer on our annual beach outing, a brightly colored stack of shawl/sweater wraps caught my eye, and I was talked into buying one.  My daughter even managed to steer me to a bright color and not my standard black.  It's  a very clever design - wide, with three buttons placed so you can wear the shawl in several different funky ways.  Since I'm not a fashion blog, why am I bothering to tell you this?

When I had a look-see to learn more about the company, Pure & CO HandKnit, I was smitten.  
Their company's handknitters are in Chiang Mai, 4,300 women in Northern Thailand, who are supporting themselves through their knitting.  And the company gives 1% of its profits to microcredit and other NGO's to help raise up the region and their workforce.  Among the many details on their website, this captured my attention:

Sebastien Sirois / President and the Pure & Co team.
Who are we donating to?
We are helping organizations that we’ve visited and where we were impressed with the management team and the effectiveness of the program. When we visited the “Mirror Foundation” and “Cynthia’s Clinic”, we were amazed by the dedication of the staff and the amount of goodness produced with such a shoestring budget. It is amazing to see that ‘money spent on drinks with friends’ can really change someone’s life. We donate directly to the organizations, thus guaranteeing that 100% of the money reaches the people. We have formed alliances with various U.S, U.K and Canadian based Non Profit Organizations (NGOs) that issue tax receipts for donations to the projects. We also encourage you to come and visit the programs and experience with your own eyes the kindness of mankind. You will see volunteers and staff that unselfishly give their time to provide opportunities for others who are less fortunate.
Of course, the bottom line is that the design and craftsmanship of the shawl is delightful.  But the added value of knowing that when I wear it, I am helping support a company that is not only providing income-generating activities for women in a very impoverished region, but is giving back in other ways, makes me enjoy it all the more.


Unknown said...

I've noticed you wearing it and it is very nice. I am glad to know more about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I work for Sebastien, thank you very much for the wonderful comments!