Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is a Jar of Postum Worth $75?

Postum was my late night drink of choice for about 30 years. Some called it a coffee substitute, but I liked it for its own unique smooth, soothing flavor, with some milk added. Awhile back it disappeared from the shelf but within a few months the supermarket reinstated its alloted space. The second time this happened, in 2007, no such luck. Kraft pulled this healthy, no-frills product with over 2 million devotees, with no warning. Had I known, I would have bought several cases!

Three years later, I am amazed no one has picked up this product. By now I've tried every substitute I could find online or in specialty stores, and they are all suboptimal. What I wouldn't give for another jar.... Every time I look on my pantry shelf around 11 PM, I am bummed that my Postum has gone missing.
Last night I checked around online, since it had been a year or two since I'd done any searching. Perhaps something had transpired and I hadn't gotten the word? Worth a try. Amazon offered a bottle for $125. Ebay offered one for $75. I stared at the screen doing mental calculus.
There are, supposedly, 75 teaspoons in the jar, making it about $1 a cup. That's actually very modest. $75 would only buy me 20 lattes at my local coffee house, after all. And think of all the $75 pleasures I occasionally spring for, without thinking much about it - a massage. A nice dinner for 2. A ticket to a show. A mani and pedi for my daughter and me. Looked at that from this perspective, 3 months of my favorite drink seemed like a very good way to spend money. Crazy, but well worth it. To me. This precious jar is now on its way to my house, FREE SHIPPING included!

PostumScript: the jar arrived. Since it is by definition about 3 years old, it was a tad caked. But not rancid. I did wonder if it might be akin to an expensive bottle of wine which has turned to vinegar, but I'm happy to report that it is just as smooth, mild, and slightly sweet as I remembered. So worth it. Now, why doesn't someone reintroduce this niche, healthy product? I really don't get it.


Unknown said...

I hope it taste fresh. I think I drank it too.

Unknown said...

I didn't know they stopped making Postum! When I was a kid, it was all my mom drank, and I can still taste it if I think about it. Maybe start a petition at The Petition Site?

Betsy Teutsch said...

turns out there is an online petition

Max said...

You might want to try Inka and Pero, which are still being manufactured. I like Inka dissolved in heated soy milk - it's my doubly-ersatz cafe-hafuch.

Unknown said...

I have a bottle of Postum I am trying to sell for about $60. Any takers?