Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Beams Motion Detector LED's - Moving Musing #3

Along with all the pleasure of a new house (you bought it because you liked it, right?) come challenges. Each house has its idiosyncrasies and problems to solve. Our new house is super-illuminated - tons of ceiling lights not found in older homes, so much so that my first task was removing lightbulbs to tone it down.

The builders screwed up some of the double light switching, so the 2nd floor lights cannot be turned on from the first floor. The stairwell is dark going upstairs, dangerous. The electricians' estimate for the wiring fix: $1500.
Nosing around online I found a great product which worked so well I ordered a half dozen more: motion activated LED lights. They stay on for 60 seconds - LED's are super-efficient so three C batteries will last 1500 hours. They have light sensoring, so only are activated when it's dim or dark. At 60 seconds a piece, the lights can go on 90,000 times. Even if they overstate the case, and they only last 45,000 times, not bad. I like that you don't need to turn them off or on - just moving in range does that. Since I can't find the right light switches most of the time, this is remarkably helpful! Also I often have my hands full. They were perfect for a walk-in closet, as well as stairs. Using 3 per stair well works fine. We didn't bother mounting them - each just sits on a step. These would also be great for people who get up during the night and need enough light to be safe, but don't want full illumination.
They average $24.99 (+ 3 batteries @ about $1.50 = $4.50). That comes out to $.00003 per use. Found them for $19.99 a piece at TechMall.

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