Monday, October 19, 2009

CVS & Their #5 Prescription Bottles - Tell Them They Can Do Better!

Recently I started saving all our #5 orange CVS prescription bottles. The labels come off quite easily, so I figured I would take up the major hurdles of recycling #5's with our local branch. Their response makes sense - it's illegal to REUSE a prescription container, since it could have traces of another medication in it. However, they should take them back. Since it's a chain with over 6000 stores (can you imagine how many plastic prescription bottles they go through, which are almost all dumped in landfill?), they don't encourage local initiatives.

They suggested I write, which is exactly what I did. I encourage you to do the same - tell them to do both things written below: 1) switch to #1 or #2 plastic, more commonly recycled, AND 2) start an in-store recycling program. The email is - let Kerri know they could do a lot better on this issue!


Thank you for contacting the CVS/pharmacy Web site about recycling our prescription bottles. At this time, CVS does not have a recycling facility or program for the prescription bottles. We are looking into options, including a recycling program or possibly changing our bottles to a plastic that can be disposed of in curbside recycling pick-up.

In the meantime, plastic #5 can be recycled at Whole Foods locations. If there is a Whole Foods location that is convenient for you, we suggest dropping your prescription bottles there when you are in the area. We also suggest removing personal information from the prescription bottles before disposing or recycling.

I appreciate the time you have taken to contact us. Thank you for shopping with CVS/pharmacy. We look forward to your continued patronage.



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Anonymous said...

If you happen to live in San Francisco, the local residential trash / recycling / compost collection company now takes any hard plastic, including #5, in the blue recycling wheelie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just emailed them.

Betsy Teutsch said...

PS I hear that Target uses #2's.

Betsy Teutsch said...
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Anonymous said...

just did a search on this idea (after being put on several medications)and found you..its a great idea!all they have to do is wash the bottles.they could give people a couple of bucks off on their refills.

Unknown said...

I just searched online for info regarding this because earlier I called my local CVS pharmacy and I was told they cannot recycle my pill bottles. I get 7-8 medications monthly from them, I do not mind reusing the same bottles, I have been saving them for months and am starting to feel like a hoarder, but I feel guilty if I toss them in the trash can. I am glad I found this blog and the info, they will definitely be hearing from me.