Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Geo-Tracking our Stuff... A Techno-Triumph

The world is full of new compound words, like geo-tracking and techno-triumph. As we become aware of more ways to be responsible consumers, paying attention to supply chains so we know where the stuff that makes up our stuff actually comes from, it becomes ever more complex. In a globalized world, things come from endless amount of places and travel through many stages. Ever shop at the beloved Trader Joe's, where every package says it comes from Framingham, Mass?

Here's a very cool story about supply chain tracking technologies and websites, where you can learn more about this whole process. Hopefully, when carbon is priced and traded, it will raise the cost of shipping things all over the world, and we can become more efficient, lowering emissions and wasting less energy on shipping component parts ridiculously far.

(hat tip to worldchanging.com )

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