Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Worth: Smart, Wise, Classy and Sassy!

DailyWorth launched this winter, in the midst of financial storms, and arrives daily to remind its readers - primarily women - that we need to take care of ourselves and be smart about money, ever more so if there is less of it flowing in our lives. We get daily pep talks reminding us that getting our financial life in order requires that we get our heads on straight. No more pretending and denying that our finances are in control if they're not; time to admit that we often sabotage ourselves when we don't make ourselves pay attention to those boring numbers, pesky statements, and annoying details - they can make the difference between abundance and subsistence!

The Daily Worth Duo, Amanda and Cristina, both live on my street. I take great pride in having introduced them - realizing that these two terrific new neighbors both work at home, like me, we had tea one day - our faux water cooler. In truth we never found time to do this again, but when Amanda went looking for just the right writer to bring her DailyWorth dream idea to fruition, lo and behold. That spot-on, talented communicator was RIGHT DOWN THE BLOCK.

It's quick to subscribe to DailyWorth and the fun part, you'll receive a pithy daily suggestion about how to be financially proactive, professionally astute, and develop more backbone, something we all need. The graphics are understated and elegant and the writing sparkles. Hats off to Amanda who birthed Maya right along with bringing DailyWorth from concept to reality and leading the team onwards and upwards. They're a new link on my blog roll.

Now Nicholas, Alexander, Dylan, Maya, and Zuzu - my next door neighbor doggie - know what their moms do all day!

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