Thursday, April 16, 2009

Costo Mainstreams Composting with a Special Deal

Regular readers know I am a total Costco tool. I like the company, that its CEO's earns a modest
multiple of the lowest paid worker, they're partially unionized, yada yada yada. I also like Costco as an antidote to the Barry Schwartz named "Paradox of Choice" - they limit the choices for you by screening the products, in effect doing the comparison shopping for you.
It's exciting to see that they're offering a composter, since that means that composting has gone mainstream. It's pricey, and with a fairly minimum investment of time, labor, and materials you can build your own compost, or just dump your compost in the corner of your garden. But if you're the type who likes gadgets, this one looks very well-designed, fun to use - it is a giant ball so you can just roll it around to turn your compost, and when it's ready, you can roll it right to your garden - and is on sale this month for $200.
You can even watch a video at their site. Happy composting!

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Betsy Teutsch said...

Well, it's fall. The compost is too heavy for the ball to really rotate. And! When the top gets wet, it creates a suction that makes the top nearly impossible to get off. Need to get my husband to do it every time. Real design flaw.