Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Activist Shareholders Take on Human Traffickers!

Human trafficking, which translates into forced child labor, pornography, and prostitution, is one of the ugliest areas of international abuse. It generates huge flows of cash, falling between the jurisdictions of governments; looking the other way is the norm. Human rights activists have worked hard to raise awareness and publicize these crimes, as well as fixes.
A number of shareholder activist groups, as well as organizations devoted to eliminating these vile practices, are targeting American hotel chains and airlines, with some success. You can read about it at Social Funds, a website which tracks corporate social responsibility initiatives. Perhaps many are like me. I know about these horrific things, but cannot get myself to read or do much about it, partly because I am so overwhelmed by the cruelty of it.... Hats off to all who labor in this area. You can learn more at ECPAT: End Childhood Prostitution and Trafficking.

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