Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Treasure Each Day: Beverly's Bench

When you're friends with a blogger, you know that your conversation might end up as a post. Talking this morning to my friend Nancy (also a blogger, by the way), just such an anecdote surfaced . Nancy's mother Bev passed away last fall in her mid-70's. She was a lively, highly-accomplished dynamo who managed everything, including her death, in a no-nonsense way. During her last year the family gathered often and had many good times together.

Her family will soon have a ritual to dedicate a bench in Bev's memory from which to take in a beautiful view of her home neighborhood. The inscription, from Psalms 90, is wisdom Bev lived by: "Treasure Each Day". I love that her memorial is a so practical (as was Bev!), a bench, inviting people to sit down, take a pause, enjoy the scenery, and have a moment to do just that, treasure the day. To me it makes a lot more sense than a tombstone. One of my aunts is likewise memorialized by a bench looking over a Minneapolis lake; many sit, courtesy of Aunt Barbara, and enjoy some quiet serenity. I like that their lives invite others - most of whom never knew them - to take time out of a regular day and appreciate life. Reminds me of the annual soup kitchen dinner in memory of Reb Yeshaia Steiner. Great legacies!
If you know of other such practical legacies, do share them.

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