Monday, March 24, 2008

Bring Back Postum!

OK, I tried to deal with the demise of Postum. Can't do it. It was too good a product, too nurturing, too much a ritual in my life to just roll over and take Kraft 's idiotic decision to pull it without a fight.
I have started a blog, predictably titled Bring Back Postum. (Plain old "Postum" was taken.) My idea is that if a product has millions of loyal fans, why doesn't a smaller healthy food manufacturer take this up? I am devoting my monthly column in my food coop newsletter at Weaversway Coop to pitching this idea, hoping that through some of the Co-op's Connections, someone will heed our cry.
Ideas, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Please sign petition to bring back POSTUM at:

and pass the link around. Many voices will make a difference