Friday, December 7, 2007

'Tis the Season to Give Donations

At the same time our culture is in overdrive about gift-purchasing, your mailbox is probably overflowing with charity solicitations. My husband and I give primarily to causes we are already familiar with, or to charities which friends ask us to contribute to, with a few impulse donations thrown in. Penny Nickel at Money and Values has just posted a Carnival of Ethics, Values, and Personal Finance, full of interesting posts. She's included my Eco-Foot Print Diet, and a host of other seasonal posts exploring how consumerism and values dance together or are in conflict. Laura Milligan at Credit Card LowDown has put up an extensive posting on vetting charities. How you get the most bang for your charity buck is a complex question, for sure!
By the way, one of the upshots of having a tithing budget is that we have overspent it. Hmmmm. So many causes left unfunded......

The image is taken from a blog you might want to check out: 24/7 Giving.

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