Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Answer is: Jennifer Berman

The question was, who is the cartoonist of my favorite refrigerator art, The Dalai Lama's Birthday Party? Several astute readers tracked it down - it is Jennifer Berman. For extra credit, can anyone read what the card says?
Her most famous cartoon is the one on the left, which is also the name of her out-of-print book.
It looks like her website hasn't been updated for awhile, but you can watch a very delightful slideshow of her work, as well as purchase your favorites.
This, from her bio:

At this point, nearly a million of Jennifer's postcards are tacked up on office doors and taped onto refrigerators across the country and overseas. Her jibes at relationships, the male/female dynamic, politics and animals seem to strike a deep chord in more psyches than just her own. "Adult Children of Normal Parents" is probably her best-known cartoon.
Blogging really does take one down interesting paths!


Anonymous said...

Card says "You're looking swell, Dalai" ;)

Betsy Teutsch said...

That is laugh out loud funny. How did you ever figure it out?! I even took out a magnifiying glass, to no avail.