Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Shopping Spree Yield: Two Pair of Jeans

The season has changed and I had a little post-surgery energy, so celebrating my birthday and the one month post-op good report, I decided to take myself shopping. I settled on Kohls, a discount department store. I wandered through their various departments,spotted their new line SimplyVera (Vera Wang for the masses) and noted how remarkably ugly the clothes were, and how even the ones that I could vaguely imagine trying on would be exceedingly unflattering. It is a sad story when you want to indulge yourself and you can't see one appealing thing in a sea of 1000's of garments. I am finally getting used to the idea that I might only like the styles every few years, and in the off years, I can just buy a few basics+ a few crafty things, and make do.
I have perfect recall for any garment I ever purchased which worked and I liked. Three years ago I found a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt petite jeans which fit well, are comfortable, and flattering. I still wear them all the time, but they are fraying and will soon fall apart. Two years ago I bought the same jeans again, but that year's style was cut so low they fell off when I sat down, so I returned them. I decided to give the 2007 models a try. The 10P fit. (Since I am a size 6, this tells you how crazy women's sizes are.) I was so encouraged I went and got another pair in a lighter denim. However the same brand and size in a different color were way too tight. Go figure. I decided to try one last pair, and those fit fine. I suspect they will be my wardrobe for the year. Each pair of jeans cost $21.99 and were made in Egypt. I don't think I will contribute much to the GDP given the 2007 drought of appealing clothes.
I will not feel very sympathetic when the garment companies complain about sales figures looking bad. They match the way their clothes look on normal people!

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