Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shame on Office Max!

Just received a 4 lb unsolicited catalog from Office Max, probably because I ordered something from them online.
If you hate catalogs, go to Catalog Choice and start cancelling 'em.  Even with extreme vigilance over these past few years, a lot of junk mail sneaks through.  Culprits include nonprofits, some even environmental-missioned, and companies I order from online.  Wish there was a way that when ordering you could tell them not to send you snail mail like you can elect not to get email.
And credit cards.  For the last month I've called every credit card offer to get off their lists.  It is surprisingly easy.  Just press 0 "to apply for a credit card".  If they think they've got you, they answer immediately.  Then tell them to take you off the list.  Takes a minute.

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