Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Earth Creations' Creations Are Beautiful

Earth Creations is an Alabama sustainable apparel company that's been around awhile, long enough for some of their brand to now be my old clothes.  They have gradually become more savvy, but true to their organic cotton, mud-dyed aesthetic.
I just bought a few new 3/4 length tees and they really are beautiful.  The texture is heavy weight and the color is rich and deep, not uniform, kind of like a very subtle sponge-painting.  The fit is great, and they're not too long, one of my pet peeves.  And, the design and cut are flattering.  I am really going to enjoy these.
I try not to hawk products on my blog, but do enjoy sharing things that are special that readers might not know about.
Surprise!  Since I ordered from their website, along with my tees came their funky "Green Tea Bag", a tank top stitched along the bottom opening to create a lightweight bag.  I love this company.  And the cinnabar and  mosaic blue are spectacular colors.

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Tee



This 3/4 length sleeve top has a scoop neckline and fabulous fit. Tubular construction without side seams.
Relaxed fit
Fabric: 100% organic cotton
Made in the USA

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       Mosaic Blue   
       Rose Quartz   

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