Thursday, September 1, 2011

IKEA Funds a Refugee Camp - Not a Sports Stadium!

We're all used to seeing Staples, Fedex, and Citizens - underwriting big arenas and stadiums.  How cool is it for a company to support a refugee camp?  Will it have a big IKEA sign on it?  I hope so, because I'm sure they'll do a better job if the whole world is paying attention.  ANd I also hope this starts a new competition in companies' philanthropy!  Do you suppose IKEA designers will work on creating products that will improve life in refugee centers?  That would be wonderful.
The IKEA Foundation has donated $62-million dollars to the world’s largest refugee camp, the Dadaab Refugee Complex in Kenya.
The United Nations Refugee Agency, the UNHCR says this is the largest donation they have ever received from a private donor in their 60 year history and it is also the first time a private body has chosen to directly support a major refugee complex.

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