Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeking a Strip Computer Calender from a Good Cause!

Lots of us hate all the address labels we receive, unsolicited, in non-profit mailings.  A few labels are useful, but when they get to be dozens upon dozens, they wind up in the recyclable trash, due to the backing and adhesive.
But here's a suggestion to nonprofits: send out computer strip calendars with your logo.  I love them for my computer monitor - they are super useful.  We once got one from Sierra Club and I used it all year long.  I even asked for a new one from them.
These don't seem to be available individually anywhere, except as a download.  What I do now is just cut up a calendar and tape it on my computer, but it doesn't work nearly as well as these vinyl guys.  I don't like that they're vinyl, but the amount is better than all the labels, and the mailing would be lighter.  Maybe there's a recyclable alternative, even?
Source, anyone?

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