Monday, March 28, 2011

No More Address Labels! That Means You, Amnesty International!

Receiving Too Many Solicitations?Amnesty International is a great organization - so I can't figure out why they feel the need to send me 72 address labels at a pop.  Even in the days when I wrote letters, that would have been an annual supply.  Sent them off a plea to stop, but found form this online at Charity Navigator, which is a form to send back in their return envelope.  Of course you need to put on the postage, but probably worth it just in saving your time.  I am all about reuse, unless it's my name and address.

I am sending this note to reduce the waste and invasion of privacy caused by unwanted mail solicitations and telemarketing calls. If you would like me to consider contributing to your organization in the future, please agree to the following checked items:
___ Remove my name and address from your mailing list.
___ Do not sell, rent, exchange, or give my name or contribution history to any other organization or business without first receiving my approval.
___ Do not send me direct mail solicitations more than ___ times a year.
___ Do not telephone me to ask for money, or...
___ Phone me no more than ___ times a year, and only on the following day(s) and times:
Name and address labels from your solicitation(s) to me are enclosed.
Thank you for respecting a donor's wishes.
PS Used 2 of their labels - one for the return address on the envelope, the other on the page with my form.


Julie Hankin said...

I like address labels. (Grouch :-)

Betsy Teutsch said...

I like labels, just not 72 at a time once or twice a month, some so hideous I couldn't imagine using them, some with wrong names. The Amnesty Interntional labels don't even have their logo or message.

Betsy Teutsch said...

Today is 4/11. I got another packet from Amnesty International today. They must think I put out mail at a pretty fast clip!

Anonymous said...

Amnesty hopes you'll use all 72 labels in letter-writing campaigns. At least I think that's how it works.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the form. It's not just Amnesty, but several others. I was about to take a picture of the
"millions" I have and send one to each of them, but I like this better.