Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tin Foil Upgrade for My Wifi - Thanks, Internet!

The wonders of the internet continue to astound me.  You gotta problem?  The internet's got an answer.
Problem: my wifi connection often fades out when it drops to 2 bars.  I'm fine at 3 bars, and it never gets to 4 bars from my location.
Using the directions on this video, I made a parabolic reflector out of a sheet of -- heavy weight tin foil, as per the directions below.  Since my router/antennae are suspended, I just slit the tinfoil and rested it right on the wire to the router.  And indeed now the reception varies between 3 and 4 bars, enough to avoid disruptions.  Neither Comcast nor our electrician had any idea how to solve this, other than installing a hard connection....

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Unknown said...

Being lazy, I stuck my router (I have mobile internet) in to a metal bowl. Almost doubled the speed I got.

For the record, multiple metal bowl (in different sizes) didn't boost speed much after the initial bowl, but a medium sized bowl worked much better than the super large or small ones, but all were better than not using one.