Monday, November 1, 2010

Taking Local Seriously: Footprints' Bamboo Socks from Abington, PA!

These really funky socks caught me eye and jumped into my basket at Weavers Way, our local coop.  My first thought was how odd for eco-friendly bamboo socks to have such a wasteful plastic display hanger, but on closer examination, I was wowed.  The hanger is made out of corn, and is designed to be reused as a chip clip.  OK, it's not the greatest chip clip in the world, but it works.  And it is really cute!
And this clever company is one town over from me.  Most socks come from China, so to be made in the USA, let alone 7 miles from me, is quite impressive.
Here is why they named their company "Footprint".

We named our company Footprint to express our commitment to leaving a good impression on the earth and toward mankind.  We build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm.  That's our mission statement, and it takes many forms. As it applies to making products, we work hard to source sustainable materials and use processes that are less harmful to the Earth without compromising quality. Because to us, quality is not only how well a product performs and holds up, but also how it's made.  As it applies toward mankind, we give back part of our proceeds as well as donate our socks and clothing to organizations that make a difference.  When you wear the Footprint logo, you demonstrate that you are doing your part in leaving a good impression too.
Of course, all the eco-credentials - organic, renewable sources, panda safe (never saw that one before!), environmentally beneficial (bamboo grows fast and helps fight soil erosion)  - wouldn't matter if the socks weren't comfortable.  I am happy to report they are sturdy and wonderfully, deliciously soft.  Worth the $10. Their only downside is that they take forever to dry, because, according to their creators, bamboo is super-absorbent.  That's good when you're wearing them of course.  If you put them in a dryer with cotton, they actually absorb some of the cotton's moisture, so dry separately.  If you line dry, figure a day or two!

They've created another product from coconut which is faster drying.  Made from coconut shells, it is really sustainable, since they would normally be waste.  I'm looking forward to trying them out.

You can buy them online or at a store. Just reading their story is fascinating all by itself, actually.

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