Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Year of No Money: A Self-Provisioning Pioneer?

Recently I reviewed Plenitude, Juliet Schor's intriguing new book on ecological economics. ("Eco-economics" doesn't make sense, does it?)  She predicts, and promotes, a new meld of working fewer hours with more sophisticated sharing and self-provisioning.  This will yield a comparable or higher standard of living while consuming much less of the earth's resources.  I am on the lookout for stories of people who represent this trend, though of course once you're looking for something, you find it - a bias error.
MBA Mark Boyle has gone cashless.  Read about him. Is this a trend, or is he a stuntman?

Everything in Mark’s life takes a lot longer as part of his new moneyless routine. Washing his clothes takes a couple of hours of scrubbing with hand-made soap. Even a cup of tea takes half an hour to make! But Mark says, “It's all worth it in the end because the feeling of liberation and connection with nature it has afforded me more than compensates for the minor inconveniences."

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