Friday, August 27, 2010

Eco-Friendly Leftover Boxes - Hurrah!

A big pet peeve of mine is styrofoam or clamshell leftover containers.  Not only are they manufactured from non-renewable, non-recyclable materials - basically petroleum - but then they hand it to you in a plastic bag.  Tin foil cases are no better.  Adding green insult to eco-injury, how often do we forget to eat said leftovers, eventually tossing both the food and their excessive packaging?  Ugh.
I try to always carry a zip lock plastic bag in my pocketbook - they take very little space and are perfect for a dry leftover.  But they're not ideal for a saucy or runny dish....
Trolley Car Diner, our local hangout, has switched to a much greener solution.  These fold-up boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and are compostable and recyclable themselves, though of course to recycle them, they would need to be cleaned, probably not a good use of water.  This produce line has quite the pedigree!  Kudos for the innovation, and for the diner for adopting it.

Bio-Pak #1 one of our most popular, is ideal for White Table Cloth Restaurant Leftovers and Deserts to Go
These Bio-Pak Plus 100% recycled to go recycled paper food containers are a green alternative that is good for environmentally conscious takeout operations that want at least 35% post consumer content. There is a green stamp on the bottom of these carryout containers that show these Bio Plus EARTH food take out containers are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association because they are made from 100% natural kraft recycled cardboard including a minimum of 35% post consumer recycled paper content.

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