Monday, July 12, 2010

Fax from the Net for Free

It's never come up before - I never needed to send myself a fax.  However, this morning my fax reception disappeared.  Turned out I had pressed a button that made it go away, but no amount of reading the manual explained anything that basic and simple.  Once I figured it out I wanted to test the fax.  In the past, I would have asked someone to fax me some random sheet as a favor but instead I looked up "send yourself a fax" and dozens of sites came up.  I used GotFreeFax and it worked perfectly.  Presumably you can fax a document that's on your computer, though I didn't experiment.  I see people standing around at Staples to fax things.  Maybe they could just do it this way.
Can't tell you what a kick I get out of finding all these new ways to use internet tech.

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