Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dill Seeds for Triscuiteers

Growing Vegetables At Home With Triscuit

My husband, a loyal Triscuiteer, pointed out a very cool feature of the low-fat Triscuit box - dill seeds embedded as a premium.  Better than coupons, action figures, or high-sugar latte packets, for sure!  Triscuits has teamed up with UrbanFarming to disseminate over four million products with seeds, and is providing lots of useful and fun information on growing your own food.  What was previously called gardening has been rebranded as "homefarming" - but whatever.  It's a neat thing, and their site is full of accessible videos and even a forum for people to share their information. Hope my dill seeds germinate.  To date, I have been a complete failure at homefarming, since my yard was full of shade trees.  The new yard is sunny, so I'm into it.
You can read more about the Nabisco/Triscuit partnership with Urban Farming.  Not clear to me if the $$$ are marketing/promotional or from some Nabisco philanthropy?  In any event, this public/private collaboration can spawn a lot of positive energy, so hats off to Triscuit, and also to UF for pulling off this massive project!

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Anonymous said...

All packages I bought had the seed packets cut out.