Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catalog Choice Offers Credit Card Opt-Out & More

This just arrived in my Inbox. I love Catalog Choice - I've used it for several years and it maintains a data base of all the catalogs I've opted out of, along with all the different names and spellings. We receive just a handful of unsolicited catalogs, and buy online all the time. I'm sure without having used their monitoring services, we'd be overrun!

I followed their link to get rid of those @#$#$%%^%^& credit card offers, especially for my 22 year old. Very easy. I've pasted in their message - the right side may be cut off in your browser but the click buttons do work, which is the main point.

Beyond Catalogs, More Choice
June 2010

Hello from Catalog Choice!

Hi betsy teutsch,

While catalogs are thick and glossy, they only account for 15% of your standard mail. On average, you get 900 pieces of unsolicited mail per year. There is lots of mail that goes straight from the mailbox to the garbage can or the recycling bin. The time has come to stop more of your unwanted mail.

Based on member suggestions, we are adding thousands of new titles covering categories such as phonebooks, pre-approved credit card offers, coupons, letter size direct mail and other unsolicited marketing offers.

Stop Phone BooksStop Credit Card OffersStop Direct Mail

Opt-out of unwanted mail to do your part to reduce waste and clutter today.

Your non-profit partner,

Catalog Choice Team

Get your friends involved too. Forward this email or use our invite-a-friend tool.

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