Sunday, May 23, 2010

For a Green Wedding: Bambu Veneerware, Alternative Registry, and Paperless Post

Last week we celebrated our son's wedding - it was incredibly powerful and joyous, and also, I am delighted to report - very green. The centerpieces, lovingly created by the bride's dad, were herb gardens. The food was vegetarian. Dozens of other touches, like electronic invitations via Paperless Post, cut down on waste. They created their own alternative bridal (and "groomal"?) registry and were able to convey their values in a manner way more personalized and idealistic than those endless and somewhat tasteless store-managed gimme lists. What was really nice about the Alternative Registry is that they could either list a specific item with a link to a store, or simply say "We want a knife sharpener - if you know about knife sharpeners, we totally trust your judgement, since we have no idea what to pick." Once the item was purchased, they simply removed it from the registry, so whoever went there next didn't have to feel like all the good stuff was gone.

At a party we hosted in their honor, we bought Bambu Veneerware, pictured here. It is pricey and while it will compost, and is therefore a sustainable disposable [unless you think that's a contradiction in terms], I am happy to report that it is REUSABLE. The plates are quite attractive and sturdy, but because they are lightweight, practical to schlep to potlucks or large events. They must be handwashed, and the sooner the better. One quirk is they take about 24-36 hours to dry. But then you can totally use them again.
Congratulations to bride and groom! We are so proud of all the thoughtful decisions they made! (especially in choosing one another!)

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jeff delkin said...

Dear BPT (sorry, for not being able to address you with a more personal greeting)

Firstly, Happy Wedding Celebration. What a great combination of items and ideals to create a truly wonderful and memorable event.

I am not sure our plates deserved center stage, but we thank you for your trust and glad you enjoyed. We are also glad that you shared with your readers, that in fact, bambu All Occasion Veneerware is reusable. Funny thing, we have to call it single use. The FDA requires us to. So we do. But you, like many others, have found, that it cleans up well and you can use it again. Sometimes it does do the 'potato chip' and gets a few subtle bends in it, but it doesn't affect the sturdiness nor the natural bamboo appeal. We say, if you are having a beet salad, well then, it's a one time use. For easier to clean food items, have at it. Over and over again.

Congrats again to the groom and bride. We applaud your celebration and green creativity....

best wishes from bambu