Monday, May 10, 2010

Cell Phone Toilet Drops

NotSayingWho dropped his/her cellphone in the toilet. Said dropper was mortified, and also pretty upset. Water damage is an exclusion in cellphone policies, and the meter on the phone showed a lot of damage. What to do? March right over to the cellphone store and fork over a lot of money for a replacement?

The first trick is to place the wet cell in a container of rice, gleaned from online research. The Dropper had already tried this, and it had failed. Apparently, though, a lot of cellphone drop in toilets. Happens more often than you'd imagine. A quick google of "cellphone toilet" turned up loads of conversation threads where people shared effective solutions. One was to put the cell in a ziplock bag with an absorbing pad from new shoes and leave it for a day or two. Another said to use the rice trick, with a light shining on it, for a day or two. Fortunately, that worked. Ah! Life back after cellphone exile.
Point is: no matter how unique your problem might seem to you - as in, who else could do something so dopey? - you are not alone. Google your way out of it! Likewise, if you have a technical problem, odds are lots of other people with the same product have encountered it too. The internet is a remarkable way to get help.

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