Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Prescription Bottle REUSE Project - Whoopee!

A few months back I blog-ranted about the stupidity of #5 prescription bottles that CVS won't take back nor can they legally reuse, because of trace amounts of meds. I've researched the topic a bit more, and learned that Target uses #2 for their prescription bottles, so it is possible. Reusing is always ecologically preferable to recycling, which degrades the material and reprocesses it. Here are 21 clever things you might want to do with your little orange bottles. But even better:

Check out young Jacob Willard in West Virginia:
P.R.O. (Prescription bottle Recycling Operation) is a community service project I started in 2005. I wanted to find a way to recycle prescription bottles that would help other people. My mom called around to different places and found a clinic that recycles prescription bottles. All the bottles that I recycle are donated to Milan Puskar Health Right a community supported free clinic in Morgantown, Wv.
As of January 2, 2009 I have donated over 34,000 bottles with the help of many people from all across America. I have received bottles from almost every state inn America.
If you would like to save prescription bottles for me you may send them to me at the address below or contact me at 304-363-7789 if you live around the Marion County area for pick up.
Go Jacob! I checked in with him and he confirms his project is still up and running (February 2010.) I plan to save mine up and send them off to him.

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