Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Trick to Microwave Oatmeal

The oatmeal I adored - McKanns steel cut, in a can - seemed a bit ecologically extravagant, being shipped from Ireland and requiring a half hour of boiling. When Weavers Way, my food co-op, stopped carrying it, I valiantly switched to bulk pack plain old oatmeal. But following online microwave directions produced results which were undercooked and unpleasant.

Now I've come up with a simple method. I pour oatmeal into a large 2-cup bowl and then add water to cover, + a bit more. (If the bowl is too full, it will overflow and create a big mess when microwaved). I leave it sitting and soaking for 15 minutes - or more, if I'm patient - and microwave it on high for about 2 minutes. Then I add raisins and let it steep another few minutes and add all the cinnamon, honey, salt and sugar to give it some taste. Tons cheaper than instant oatmeal with only one small plastic bag for maybe a dozen portions, so very resource thrifty. Cheaper, too, of course and high up there on the healthy charts.!


Adina said...

I make it with 2% milk and walnuts - I put it all in a big bowl and just nuke it for 2 minutes. It comes out great.

Anonymous said...

i go to whole foods, get about ten pounds of steel cut oats from the bulk section and use 1/3 cup of that, with 1.5cups water, cook in my micro - in a pasta-serving bowl - so it doesn't boil over; on medium for 10 minutes. (my old micro was full power for 10 minutes) - with dried cranberries or raisins add a bit more water. add cinnamon afterwards. for MANY months of breakfasts, this does work out to still be super cheap, even at "whole paycheck"s prices. i keep it in the ONE tin i bought of the irish stuff knowing i was paying for the decorative tin.