Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Text 46645 to Make Your Cell Phone Smarter

My daughter and I were recently in New York and we needed to check on the address of one of our destinations. She realized how reliant she'd become on her friends' smart phones, when you just go on the internet to answer all the questions that come up in life. She had to dig into her backpack and take out the notebook where she'd written the address - so 20th century. Sometimes when I need info on the run, I call my son and he kindly looks addresses up on line for me.

No need to to that anymore. Just text your search question to 46645 - yup, that spells Googl. GoogleAsk will text you back the information you need. I tried it a half dozen times - once the text arrived 24 hours later, but the other times I received the texted answer in a nanno second. I've got no real need for a Smart Phone on a regular basis; for the rare time when I could really use some info, this is a great trick! Lots cheaper than adding internet to your cell. Thanks to my sister-in-law Rochelle for the tip.


free credit repair said...

great information. thanks for sharing =)

Darija said...

thanks for sharing this. it will hold off my temptation for a smart phone- I really don't need one as I only have occasional needs that this sounds like the perfect solution for.